Many people are asking the same question. Successful Digital Marketers and growth hackers love tripwire offers and you are about to discover why they are the top-secret to get new customers.

Tiny offers and tripwires are basically the same. What matters is WHERE you place your tiny offer or tripwire in your funnel.

A tripwire is a tiny offer that gets placed after somebody downloads a freebie. A tripwire will entice your customers to make a small purchase to get them to make larger purchases in the future. By getting customers to take small actions, you’re much more likely to get them to say yes to your big core offer. 

If the customer decides to make the purchase, they’ll go to the purchase page, and then they’ll see your upsell. If they don’t make the purchase, you still have a chance to capture their email. 

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Ps: In case you missed it – I recorded a video with Abigail K for our online community and learning hub for women entrepreneurs over 40, where we talk all about tiny offers. Watch it here.