Tiny offers … what are they? Small, inexpensive products that are supposed to blow up your business. At least that’s what we think people are saying they do: start with a tiny offer, grow your audience exponentially and possibly make you a ton of money.  I recorded a video with Abigail K for our online community and learning hub for women entrepreneurs over 40 about tiny offers. Watch it here.

Here are five tiny offers or tripwire ideas you could use for your retreat centre or yoga business:

1.     Put together a bundle of meditation or yoga music. This bundle could be for sleep or treating anxiety and stress.

2.      Offer an Ayurvedic detox plan that people can buy and purchase with a shopping list that they could then go and buy all the ­­different ingredients. 

3.    Create a mini-course. For example, a joint mobility course specifically to the shoulder or how to improve your pranayama practice. These are the mini-courses that could potentially lead to a bigger course late on.

4.    Host online workshops such as ‘how you can improve your inversions’. Workshops are a fun and fantastic way to showcase your expertise.

5.    Offer a daily yoga practice planner would also be a very effective tiny offer or tripwire.

Now back to you. In the comments, let me know which one of the five tiny offers here will be YOUR first choice.

Dream big, start tiny…

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