Online Marketing Audit

For Health and Wellness Businesses

Carrying out an audit of your online marketing efforts is the best way to get a clear overview of current performance, diagnose any key issues, and shine a spotlight on areas for growth and improvement.

An online marketing audit ensures that essentials such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Email Marketing and Website Health are in place.

What is included in the Audit:

In-depth analysis of your Google Analytics, SEO, Google Console, Email Marketing and Website

All the findings presented in a tailored and simple to understand results report

Plus get a personalised recommended strategy and actions to increase the success of your online marketing efforts.


1-week email support after findings have been handed over to you – once you start implementing the recommended changes you might have questions. During this week you can reach out and ask me anything.

Conversion focused landing page design template – to ensure your current and future landing pages are set up right from the start.

Need more information before getting started?

How long does an Audit take?

After our initial call where we discuss your challenges and goals, I then examine your entire online marketing presence and activities from top to bottom on a holistic and in-depth level.  Within 10 working days, you will receive a clear and thorough report with recommendations to improve performance.

Will the recommendations be easy to understand?

Yes my recommendations will be set out in a clear, “free of jargon” way plus after you have received the report we will hop on a call to go through it all.  This is where I can explain my findings and recommended actions in detail so that you come away confident and empowered.

Will I receive just another report but not tell me what I need to change to improve my marketing efforts?

An audit without recommendations is like getting into a car but not know how to drive…you won’t get anywhere.

Every single report will be accompanied by my recommended changes and plan of action.

How it works

A clear and easy way to find out what is working and what is not so you can maximise your results.

Discuss objectives

Discuss your campaign objectives and your current results with Tiffany.

Get audit results

Receive clear and in-depth report with tailored recommendations within 7-10 days.

Get more leads and bookings

Implement suggested changes and see results within 30 days.

Please keep in mind that the recommended actions will not be carried out by myself because they will require your approval. If you require me to carry out the recommendations made, I can do so for an additional fee.

Contact Tiffany

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