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Providing personal online marketing support and guidance to help you attract more clients and grow your health and wellness business.

The Wellness Tourism industry is growing
…and there is space for you


Annual growth prediction

$1.1 Trillion

Value of market by 2025

Marketing Support

The challenge of marketing your wellness business is real.

To be a successful business of tomorrow you need to embrace online marketing today. Relying purely on word of mouth and even social media marketing doesn’t work anymore.

Without a high-impact strategy and streamlined systems in place, you’ll be throwing things against a wall hoping something will work and getting overwhelmed in the process!  You risk giving up on your dream of running a life-changing business.

With me by your side, you can focus on creating an unforgettable, transformative experience instead of worrying about where the next clients are coming from.

An empathetic and intuitive marketer and online advertiser

that listens to your wishes, has a proactive approach and works WITH you.

Get more clients

using a powerful and proven strategy, online advertising, results-focused web design, content marketing, SEO, and tech setup.

Enjoy the peace of mind

that comes with not having to navigate the ever-changing online marketing environment.

Gain confidence & clarity

 so you can focus on creating an experience your clients will cherish and remember.

A colleague to talk to and share ideas for your business.

No more working in isolation! Your vision and direction will become clear, and you will be inspired to build and grow a truly successful, sustainable health and wellness business.

Not an agency.
A specialist

If you’ve worked with or are currently working with an agency and feel like perhaps you are not getting the attention to detail you expect then working with a specialist one on one is your best alternative.

You’ll always speak to me directly about your project. You won’t be passed from pillar to post and you won’t ever feel like your business is just a number.

You strive to give your clients the best experience and I am here to give you yours. Because I work with a handful of clients at a time you will receive the proactive attention to detail you deserve.


What I can help you with

Planning + Strategy

  • Regular meetings, consultations and motivation – working one on one with you keeps you motivated and on track, holds you accountable and gets results
  • Inspiration, creative input and brainstorming sessions
  • Local and international market research – working with a multilingual professional (English, Spanish and German) we are able to leverage international opportunities
  • Advertising and marketing strategy because when we have a plan we get results and grow

Online Advertising

  • Google and Bing Ads – Search, Remarketing, Display and YouTube campaign setup and management
  • Social Ads (Facebook and Instagram) used as awareness-generating platforms
  • Split testing of campaigns, landing pages and ads to improve your results continuously
  • Audit your current advertising campaigns to identify opportunities for improvement

Content + Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing Strategy – Research and plan out the content needed to build awareness, keep visitors on your website and generate results (sign-ups and enquiries)
  • Blog research and writing – Optimised for search engines and readers
  • Lead magnet creation – Design and implementation of high-value lead magnets/freebies to build your email list
  • Focus on long-form evergreen content that live for years and attract people to your website
  • Regular newsletters
  • Automated email sequences

Web Design + Programming

  • WordPress, Squarespace and Wix
  • Bespoke conversion-focused design that gets results – Focused on a positive user experience and fully responsive for mobile and tablets
  • Ongoing maintenance includes regular backups and plugin updates
  • Advertising campaign-specific landing pages to generate inquiries and bookings and build your email list
  • Optimised for search engines so your pages appear in front of the right people
  • In-depth review of your current website and landing pages to identify opportunities for more leads and bookings and remove bottlenecks affecting the user experience.

Search Engine Marketing

  • Keyword research and implementation throughout your website so search engines rank your pages higher
  • Onsite optimisation – Meta titles, descriptions… to ensure the short snippet that is shown in the search engine results pages entices users to click on your website
  • Submit sitemap to search engines (Google and Bing) to improve discoverability
  • Mobile optimisation of your website since a high percentage of people use mobile devices to find and interact on your website

Analytics + Reporting

  • Marketing analytics code installation and tracking – Google Analytics + Hotjar
  • User experience testing to identify opportunities to create a positive experience on your website
  • Google Analytics setups, goal creations and customisations because without measuring we cannot grow
  • Easy to understand (no fluff) live reporting using Google Data Studio – know where your efforts are generating the biggest return

Happy Clients

“I was having trouble reaching a wider audience, increasing traffic to my website, and being more consistent in my marketing.

As a result of Tiffany’s work, our website is much more engaging, traffic has increased, and we have many more subscribers, which helps us to grow the community and book more people.  As a result of weekly newsletters and regular blog postings, we also have much better interaction with our community.

Having Tiffany as part of my team is an absolute joy because she is proactive, creative, motivating, and a badass hard worker.

I am so glad I found her!”

Pilar de Miguel

Founder and CEO, Balearic Retreats

I have had a positive experience working with Tiffany.  I have received many enquiries and bookings for our Luxury Yoga Retreats as well as a huge improvement in the overall look and functionality of our online presence and website.  It’s been a huge change and relief!

Knowing that I have another woman with a similar attitude and work ethic as me and someone who understands my business and my feedback is invaluable.  Because of Tiffany’s understanding of my needs and business as well as her vast knowledge, she can translate my ideas into reality.  She comes up with great suggestions and with her magic touch, we now look more polished and professional online.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Tiffany…1000 percent!!

Trinidad Gomez

Owner & Managing Director, LuxurYoga Retreats

“I run a business doing International Yoga Retreats, and working as a Physical therapist. With the pandemic hitting, the retreat side of my business was totally wiped out and I couldn’t see clients here for 6 months.

So although my client base was growing here, I needed a bit of a boost!

Right from the first video chat, I was impressed with Tiffany’s confidence. So I signed up for her 3 month package. During this time a strategy was formed to refine my websites, so they linked and flowed better. She dealt with all the other outstanding issues I hadn’t had time to deal with. Then she started doing the online marketing with FaceBook. The quality of the ads she created were just spot on, nicely designed and put together. So much so that a few people commented to me about them.
Fresh Enquiries have certainly increased since working with her, and I am totally happy with the new design changes she brought into my business!
I thoroughly recommend her.”

James Jewell

Bodywork Therapist & Yoga Teacher, jamesjewell.org

“Since working with Tiffany I have more time to focus on other areas of my business / life.

I also have someone who can brainstorm ideas with me and translate my ideas (when I get to actually writing them down) into web content. I have a partner who I trust with my brain child and someone I am willing to hand over control to – not something which is easy for me.I love Tiffany’s enthusiasm, professionalism, understanding (particularly when I am under strain) and bubbliness. I also love the fact that she can do all the techy stuff that would take me HOURS!!!!!!!

Frieda Levycky

Braving Boundaries, Work Life Balance Coach

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