Creating A Plan: Lifting The Burden of Not Knowing Where to Start

Creating A Plan: Lifting The Burden of Not Knowing Where to Start

The Client:

Dr. Natasha Verma is a well-respected and established aesthetic doctor with a specialist interest in skin. Her interest in aesthetic medicine combined with her passion for scientific research, artistry, and lifestyle medicine set the foundations of Skin NV.

The Problem:

Natasha didn’t know much about technology and marketing, so she was trying to learn everything herself. The problem was she didn’t know where to start, what to learn first, what to prioritize first, and what to spend money on.

The Solution:

Tiffany looked at the business and noted Skin NV’s main goals. She then ran an audit and made a list to generated a plan tailored to the business’s needs. This included redoing the website, creating email marketing lists, and generating lead magnets.

The New Skin NV Website
Blog Posts With Optimised Content
Relevant, effective Lead Magnets

Client Feedback:

“Tiffany gave me everything I need for my business, and most importantly, a plan. It would have taken me months to figure out how to do just one thing. With Tiffany, the work is done to such a high standard that I didn’t even have to think. It was all actioned from a list of outcomes and goals that is according to my specific needs. I now have a better idea of what I want for my business. The best part is about Tiffany is that she understands that each business is individual and is trying to get across a different message. There’s no one-size-fits-all.

Refresh & Rebrand For a Small Business

Refresh & Rebrand For a Small Business


VCV is a small, UK-based business run by Victoria works closely with UK-based European jobseekers to rewrite their CVs and work in partnership with them to apply for roles in their target profession.


The business was suffering from a failure to capitalise on previous success and word of mouth referrals adequately and an under-investment from a business’s financial and energy perspective. This led to a severe decline in leads and new clients by 2020 compared to its peak in 2017.


A “starting from scratch” approach beginning with full re-branding and a new website and social media sites, followed by work to define the target client and directly target them with cleverly designed lead magnets and Facebook adverts.


Victoria started her company back in 2017 with the dream of helping European jobseekers in the UK  write professional, native English CVs and work closely with them to improve their job prospects. Having lived and worked abroad herself and with a background in HR management, she was well placed to guide her clients in this area. With many new clients approaching her via word of mouth or recommendations from previous clients, she had initial success.

When Victoria approached Tiffany in early 2020, her main objective was to increase leads and get new clients on board. After her little boy’s birth and a relocation back to the UK, she had taken her foot off the pedal in terms of driving the business forward and had inevitably suffered a dramatic decline in leads and revenue. 

“I didn’t know where to start with getting my business up and running again. What I loved about my very first interactions with Tiffany was her can-do approach and fresh, imaginative thinking that inspired me to get excited about my business again and believe that anything was possible. She took the time to really “get” what I wanted to do, what my business was about, and who my target clients were – I firmly believe that it was this quality time with such a personalised approach that has produced such good results for me.”

Refresh, Refocus, Rebrand

After an initial audit of the business, Tiffany recommended a full re-brand, including a new name, logo, and website, not only to make it more aesthetically attractive and engaging to the target market but crucially to make it more conversion-driven. This included downloadable lead magnets offering valuable information to jobseekers about improving their CVs to appeal to British recruiters, call-to-action-buttons, and thought-provoking and powerful messaging and language throughout. 

VCV’s New Conversion Focused Website

Lead Magnets To Build Email List And Conversions

Adding a Chat Plugin To Connect With Potential Clients

Client Feedback

Victoria says, “I was genuinely amazed at the tools that Tiffany recommended we put in place to drive conversions – from downloadable lead magnets to automated mailing lists and instant chat functions. They have helped enormously to make my branding much more professional and make it easier to communicate with clients, and ultimately convert leads into sales. Tiffany’s knowledge in this ever-changing area is 100% up to date, and her suggestions were really targeted to my business.” 

The next step was Facebook advertising, and Tiffany worked closely with Victoria to invest time in defining her exact target customer to make the advertising as tailored as possible. Victoria saw results straight away, with regular downloads of the lead magnet, website visits, and leads making contact. Facebook advertising continues to be a key part of the business’ marketing strategy.

Fast forward to today, and Victoria is thrilled with her new-look business branding, marketing strategy, and trajectory of leads and clients. Since working with Tiffany, there have been more than 120 subscribers to her mailing list through downloading her lead magnet, and she is seeing regular good quality leads that convert to clients.

Since working with Tiffany, there have been more than 120 subscribers to her mailing list through downloading her lead magnet, and she is seeing regular good quality leads that convert to clients.

Looking to overhaul your business and set it up for growth with conversion maximisation? 

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Online Marketing Makeover Results in Increased Leads, Sales & Success

Online Marketing Makeover Results in Increased Leads, Sales & Success


Early 2020, right as the world is about to shift in the wake of COVID-19.


Serina Trading of Cape Town, South Africa: A women-owned and managed distributor of industrial chemicals, founded in 2007.


A low volume of leads, an outdated and underperforming website and a vacuum in tending to the social media profiles of the company.

The Solution: A complete website overhaul, conception and design of lead magnets to attract consistent new leads, clever and targeted repurposing of the content written by the companies founder and owner, and continued strategy and execution of social media content and Facebook ads.


A 70% increase in leads and a meaningful increase in sales, and counting!

Jenny Jay founded Serina Trading because she knew her potential customers were lacking access to certain chemicals they required, and she has made excellent customer service the overarching value of her company from day one. When Jenny hires people to help her, she seeks the same level of commitment to excellence, and she states with certainty that this is just what she’s found with Tiffany K. Borruso who does all of Serina Trading’s digital marketing.

“We’re very happy with what Tiffany’s done. I really believe it’s essential in this day and age to invest in someone with her skills and knowledge – of which she has both in great abundance. Otherwise, you’ll get left behind.”

Serina Trading had a vacuum in early 2020 when they lost the woman who had managed their social media for them.  They had an acute need for someone to manage their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and to run their email marketing, and they turned to Tiffany K. Borruso to fill the gap. Fill it is exactly what Tiffany did, and much more.

“Tiffany has come in and taken on all of our digital marketing and has done a fantastic job for us. Right away we noticed many people downloading the lead magnet she created – which is basically a recipe for paint, if you will, and this gives us the opportunity to bid to sell clients the chemicals that go into our paint formula. From the beginning, we had 30 people a day downloading it… I was very impressed.”



In the beginning of their work together, Tiffany explained to Jenny that Serina Trading couldn’t begin any new marketing efforts until she helped them update their website to make it conversion-oriented. This meant not only did Tiffany make the site’s design more visually appealing and simpler to navigate, but she simplified and clarified the company’s main message and products, and added “Call-to-Action” buttons in the right places. Once that was done, she created a lead magnet, the first of rotating lead magnets that she continues to create, whose purpose is to attract continuous leads.

Next, Tiffany suggested they begin trying ads. They experimented, as Tiffany knows there is no one formula that works for every company, and so she guided them to find what would work best for their company. “This turned out to be Facebook ads, which was surprising. I didn’t realize my customers would be there looking!” says Jenny

Jenny is careful to emphasize that hers is a business that sells to large companies rather than ‘the man-on-the-street’, and they distribute only within South Africa. She knows that leads, and ultimately sales, take time, so she was genuinely pleasantly surprised when within two months she began to see a meaningful new pipeline of leads coming in.

Jenny says she couldn’t be happier with the results she has had since working with Tiffany K. Borruso and sees the company’s expanded reach up to 200 new leads per month – as directly related to Tiffany’s work. In addition, more customers and big names in the paint industry in South Africa are taking note of Serina Trading as a possible supplier, and after just six months of beginning their work with Tiffany, they are now negotiating with several large potential clients.

“I definitely see Tiffany as an essential member of our team. A real partner in our marketing efforts. She is highly knowledgeable, creative, smart, easy to work with, and results-driven.”


Looking to overhaul your business and set it up for growth with conversion maximisation? 

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