VCV is a small, UK-based business run by Victoria works closely with UK-based European jobseekers to rewrite their CVs and work in partnership with them to apply for roles in their target profession.


The business was suffering from a failure to capitalise on previous success and word of mouth referrals adequately and an under-investment from a business’s financial and energy perspective. This led to a severe decline in leads and new clients by 2020 compared to its peak in 2017.


A “starting from scratch” approach beginning with full re-branding and a new website and social media sites, followed by work to define the target client and directly target them with cleverly designed lead magnets and Facebook adverts.


Victoria started her company back in 2017 with the dream of helping European jobseekers in the UK  write professional, native English CVs and work closely with them to improve their job prospects. Having lived and worked abroad herself and with a background in HR management, she was well placed to guide her clients in this area. With many new clients approaching her via word of mouth or recommendations from previous clients, she had initial success.

When Victoria approached Tiffany in early 2020, her main objective was to increase leads and get new clients on board. After her little boy’s birth and a relocation back to the UK, she had taken her foot off the pedal in terms of driving the business forward and had inevitably suffered a dramatic decline in leads and revenue. 

“I didn’t know where to start with getting my business up and running again. What I loved about my very first interactions with Tiffany was her can-do approach and fresh, imaginative thinking that inspired me to get excited about my business again and believe that anything was possible. She took the time to really “get” what I wanted to do, what my business was about, and who my target clients were – I firmly believe that it was this quality time with such a personalised approach that has produced such good results for me.”

Refresh, Refocus, Rebrand

After an initial audit of the business, Tiffany recommended a full re-brand, including a new name, logo, and website, not only to make it more aesthetically attractive and engaging to the target market but crucially to make it more conversion-driven. This included downloadable lead magnets offering valuable information to jobseekers about improving their CVs to appeal to British recruiters, call-to-action-buttons, and thought-provoking and powerful messaging and language throughout. 

VCV’s New Conversion Focused Website

Lead Magnets To Build Email List And Conversions

Adding a Chat Plugin To Connect With Potential Clients

Client Feedback

Victoria says, “I was genuinely amazed at the tools that Tiffany recommended we put in place to drive conversions – from downloadable lead magnets to automated mailing lists and instant chat functions. They have helped enormously to make my branding much more professional and make it easier to communicate with clients, and ultimately convert leads into sales. Tiffany’s knowledge in this ever-changing area is 100% up to date, and her suggestions were really targeted to my business.” 

The next step was Facebook advertising, and Tiffany worked closely with Victoria to invest time in defining her exact target customer to make the advertising as tailored as possible. Victoria saw results straight away, with regular downloads of the lead magnet, website visits, and leads making contact. Facebook advertising continues to be a key part of the business’ marketing strategy.

Fast forward to today, and Victoria is thrilled with her new-look business branding, marketing strategy, and trajectory of leads and clients. Since working with Tiffany, there have been more than 120 subscribers to her mailing list through downloading her lead magnet, and she is seeing regular good quality leads that convert to clients.

Since working with Tiffany, there have been more than 120 subscribers to her mailing list through downloading her lead magnet, and she is seeing regular good quality leads that convert to clients.

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