Today, we will build on sales funnels. If you haven’t read the first part, you can pop over here. Let’s focus on list-building funnels.

Here’s a quick recap of what a funnel is: 

It is a sequence of messages you show your audience to drive them from being an interested person to a lead and a sale. There are many different kinds of funnels. You may not realize, but I’m sure you’re already doing it. An example would be posting on social media to inform an audience about you and your product or service. 

What is a List-Building Funnel?

To start off with – a list-building funnel is a mechanism that you use to get people to subscribe to your email list. From there, you will warm them up to take action and convert to a lead or a sale. I recommend that everyone has one, regardless of your industry.

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The Ins & Outs

The fundamental aspect of a list-building funnel is that you should offer something free and valuable that they can take immediate action on. By doing this, you are getting their email address and they are getting your offer in return! 

To create a very basic setup, you will need:

  • Social media posts or ads
  • A blog article
  • An opt in lead magnet to add them to your subscriber list
  • An email nurture sequence
List building funnel | Tiffany K. Borruso

How to Create the Right Sequence

First, you will need some social media posts or ads (or both) that will send traffic to your blog article. Second, the blog must be informative and valuable to the audience. Third, in the blog, you should include a downloadable cheatsheet or checklist that goes with the article. This document will be free to download when they subscribe which they will do by giving their email address and name. Fourth, they will be added to your email list. And, fifth, you will have an automatic email nurture sequence. 


Don’t give them the download as soon as they fill out their details. There’s two reasons behind this:

  1. The email browser needs to understand that the reader wants to open these emails. By opening and downloading something in an email, it will show that you want to receive future emails so it won’t be moved to spam. 
  2. It trains the person to look out for your email in their inbox. 

The Nuture Email Sequence

Your email sequence should start off with a delivery email so they deliver the link to your lead magnet. That will be your first email after they have added their details on the blog. 

Next, you will send a reminder email of the download link. Often, people don’t open the email and download link the first time. In this second email, you are also going to introduce who you are, and tell them about your business. Also include a short story about your journey and why you are doing what you do. This email will build rapport and connection with the reader. 

The third email you send will introduce your offer and your services. Remember: the whole point of marketing is to see how we can help our user, so this email will bring you one step closer to finding a solution for their problem and helping them. 

Fourth, have a client testimonial or journey. It should be a story of a client that has purchased your product or offer. You use this email to help them visualise what it would be like to be a client of yours, and to succeed like your previous client. 

The final email in the sequence is to address the typical objections the reader might have that would stop them from taking your up on the offer. You need to put yourself in their shoes and consider what they might be thinking when they’re reading your emails. What is blocking them from taking action? You can use email number five to clear this up. 

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And that is how you create a list-building funnel! If you would like to get in touch with me or have any comments or questions about this, click here.

As always, I will keep sharing this valuable information with you to make your online marketing easier, powerful, effective and results-driven.

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