In this blog, we’re going to be talking about sales funnels for beginners, who may have heard of the concept of funnels in marketing, but don’t know what it is. I’m going to walk you through some essential things that you need to know about the sales funnel and why it’s vital for your business. 

What is a Funnel?

It is a sequence of messages you show your audience to drive them from being an interested person to a lead and a sale. There are many different kinds of funnels. You may not realize, but I’m sure you’re already doing it. An example would be posting on social media to inform an audience about you and your product or service. 

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Elements of a Sales Funnel

There are many different elements to sales funnels; it can be your website, a blog article, a social media post, emails, etc. You also get offline funnels like billboards. Anything that gets your message across is part of a sales funnel. 

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What Defines a Sales Funnel?

Simply put, the purpose, the goal, and the sequence of messages funnel people into a lead or sale.

It leads to people taking action, which could be becoming a client or even just subscribing to your YouTube channel.  

Keep it Simple

A common mistake that newbies make is that they overcomplicate it. If you don’t, your audience may be overwhelmed by the information; it can land up cluttering their minds. The best way to see if you are keeping it simple enough is to map out the user’s journey on a piece of paper. You want to simplify it to make it as short as possible to take action. 

Setting Your Funnel’s Goals 

The way you create the funnel will depend on the goal the funnel has. For example, you can have a list-building funnel, which is the most basic one.   

The goals could be joining a list, building rapport, connecting with people, making a sale, even registering for an event, or a class online or in person. 

Once you have defined the goal, you can map out the steps your audience needs to take and then build the elements to get them there for you to reach that goal. 

In Summary

Knowing the basics of funnels opens up a whole new world in online marketing, and all of a sudden, everything that you do has a purpose. It will be a vast improvement from just doing everything and doing nothing at all.

The most important thing to ask yourself is: what is the journey your audience should take to achieve the goal that you have set?

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