[Enhance Your Skills As A VA], Stand Out And Charge More!

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Are you dreaming of being a [Virtual Assistant] but you are paralyzed by the fear of not having the right skills to offer?

Or are you an experienced VA who wants to niche down and stand out from the rest?

Become a Google Ads VA

Virtual assistance as a career has skyrocketed over the years with a jaw-dropping number of individuals and companies now relying on VAs now more than ever.

Virtual Assistants have evolved from just being able to help in the day to day tasks of a business to now being considered an expert in their field.

With this high growth in the industry comes competition. To stand out and get that piece of the pie, you need to stay on top of the trends, learn new skills and niche down.

Bonus: when you become an expert in your field, you can charge higher rates!

So what can you become an expert in that is unique and is in high demand?

Become a Google Ads VA.

There is a lack of Google Ad VAs in the market so this is YOUR CHANCE to get in there and make a name for yourself.

[There is a NEED] for Google Ads VAs

Google Ads is one of those much-ignored marketing channels for virtual assistants.

There’s a reason Google is the world’s most successful company and it has mostly to do with Google Ads.  Do not be fooled, Google Ads is a necessity for any company that wants to promote their products and services online!

Most business owners have these 3 pain points when it comes to Google Ads:

It’s so time consuming!

It seems really expensive!

It seems really difficult to navigate!

Yep…these complaints are completely valid and true!

Google Ads can be time-consuming, expensive and difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. This is where you as a Google Ads VA comes to the rescue…

Here are just some ways you can help:

 Keyword Research

 Split testing

 Monetary management

 See what the competition is doing

 Set up campaigns

Careful!  Google Ads makes it look soooo easy to do it yourself….but if you do not have the knowledge or skills, you can get a nasty bill from Google at the end of the month and no leads or sales to show for it.

What separates the amateurs from the professionals? Technique! While Google has made advertising a science, getting great results is an art form.

If you are looking to learn the world-class techniques that are required to deliver results from Google AdWords, sign up for my 7 day FREE Google Ads Mini Course.

[A little story] about why I am obsessed with Google Ads!

Hi, I am Tiffany K. Borruso and I haven’t always been a PPC (Pay Per Click) expert.

I had heard about Google Ads when I was running my own business but I was intimidated and lost as to where to start. I began reading and absorbing everything I could get my eager hands on. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent devouring every blog, article, video there was on the topic. I became overwhelmed by the information overload! But I persevered! and with testing the theory out on my business, I started seeing the power of online advertising. My business went from zero online sales to generating over 500K in the first year! I had discovered the power of marketing and I was entranced. Suddenly all I wanted to do was learn more about Google Ads. I thought about hiring a managing director to run the business while I focused on my new passion – digital marketing. That’s when one of my customers, a big fan of my new brand, asked to buy my business. As soon as I signed on the bottom line, I was off on a new adventure. I joined a marketing agency in Spain and spent the next 4 years absorbing everything I could. I managed digital marketing in a huge variety of industries, driving leads for real estate agents, fashion brands, restaurants, schools, consultants, coaches and more. Over the years Google has put unbelievable power into the hands of advertisers, making it possible for even the smallest niche businesses to reach new customers. Today, the tools are in your hands. All I want to do now is to teach you to use them.

Tiffany is a talented professional that always takes the time to support anyone in her team also having a great knowledge for Google Adwords, Analytics and SEO as well as fantastic managerial skills in a very busy environment.

Freelance Graphic Designer

I know Tiffany as a very professional, bright and honest person where mainly her knowledge in the field of online marketing, educational skills and verbal capabilities stand out. Her help has been very meaningful both for my personal career as well as the project we worked on.

International Business Developer, Van Ameyde International

Lauren Quinn

Bromelia Rio – A Brazil Specialist Travel & Tour Agency

Stephanie Linder

Lost in Linderland – Influencer In the Digital Nomad Community