Today I’m sharing the common problems you might face when just starting your small business, and the smart-investments to make to help you solve them!

The biggest problem you’re likely going to have in this stage of your business is that you have no clue what you should be doing when you sit down to work every day.

You feel like you need to be working, but without a clear direction, you end up filling your day with tasks that don’t actually move the needle.

Let’s jump right in, Smart investment #1 – Online courses

I’m not saying you should do any old course. If you are looking at growing your list, for example, Amy Porterfield’s List Building Society is great, I have used this course when I first started out but I am still referring back to it regularly.  

Doing a course that teaches how to do specific things in can fast-track your business and kept you from wasting time learning hard lessons or spending hours/days/weeks on the non-essentials. 

Regardless of what field you’re in, find the expert on that topic, and then learn from that person.

Smart investment #2 – Get a professional website

It’s pretty impossible to have a successful business without being online. But it’s not enough just to have a website.   This is your online storefront, your business card so it better be professional.

If you are just starting out, you don’t need to hire a professional web + brand designer (for now.) 

Now, professional designers are 100% worth their weight in gold, and this is definitely an investment you’ll want to take down the road. But even if you’re completely sold on your business idea, it is going to change a lot during those first few years. 

At this stage in your business, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest large amounts of money on getting that fancy website and brand made up, only to have to pay more later to have it updated.

It is possible for you to DIY a website using an easy to use platform such as Squarespace.

Smart investment #3 – Good stock photos

Photos can make or break a visitor’s impression of your website and brand so don’t use crappy photos.

But don’t book a photographer just yet! You can do pretty amazing things with your website and social media posts using stock photos, and they are cheaper than hiring a photographer when you’re first getting started.

Here are a few places to find professional-looking quality photos:

Pro tip: Always buy from the same few photographers to keep your brand and website images looking cohesive!

So there you have it! My list of smart investments if you are just starting out.  I hope you find this useful in planning out your next big investment in your business! 

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