Hi, everyone, I’m Tiffany K. Borruso. And I help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses through effective and powerful online marketing strategies that get results.

So today I wanted to address a topic that I know is eluding a lot of people and that is, what blog articles should you write? That gets you up in the rankings in Google, and are interesting to your particular audience.

Now, this is very timely, because I’m hoping a lot of you are planning your Christmas strategy sessions for the year coming 2021. And this is a time where you should be sitting down and planning out your campaigns and your blog topics for the year or maybe the first six months of next year. If you’re not, don’t worry, there’s always time to do it later on. But it’s a good time to reflect now on what this crazy 2020 has been like, and what 2021 is going to be all about. So I’m going to be sharing my screen and showing you a very easy and the most effective way to find out what articles you should be writing for your blog.

So here we go. Right. So first of all, we are going to be using Google, Google actually tells you what you should write. And it’s called Google populate. It’s no fancy website, software, or anything like that. It’s using good old Google. Here in the search bar, you are given a list of things that people are actually searching for. This is called Google populate. Google will show you the most searched terms that people are searching for relating to your topic. So for example, if you have an aesthetic clinic, skincare clinic, and you would like to write, we would like to find out if people are searching for winter skincare. So let’s type in winter skincare. Now, here you go. This is what Google is saying people actually typing in. Let’s say for dry skin, a lot of people struggle with dry skin and winter. So let’s see what they are searching for. Right?

When it’s winter skincare for dry skin is a very broad term. So if you click on a search bar again, you have even more specific topics. So how to prevent dry skin in winter naturally. That’s fantastic. Winter skincare routine for dry skin homemade. There’s also another type of topic. So if we go into how to prevent dry skin in winter, naturally, Google will give you even more stuff to think about. And that is here. Under the section people also ask.

Because at the end of the day, Google will show you the things that people want to know about. And if you are clever, and you tune into it, you have all the information here. You can scroll further down. And Google gives you some more information relating to this topic. How To Cure dry skin on face overnight, Home Remedies for skincare on the face, so on. So he Google’s literally telling you what people are searching for.

So if I were you, I would write an article about how to prevent dry skin in winter naturally. And then I will include subtitles within the blog article, such as addressing questions, is it normal to have dry skin during winter? That should be a nice little paragraph in your article. And maybe you want to include a home remedy part so you would include a subtitle on how to get rid of dry skin on face home remedies and they don’t have to be verbatim like literally the same words that you see here. You can make it flow better because how to get rid of dry skin on face home remedies is not a very nice subtitle but you could say home remedies to get rid of dry skin. That was a bit the Google will still understand where it is and you are addressing this particular question. So this is Google populate you can use other tools such as keyword tool, dot i o or Uber suggest. They are all good tools and but they are Paid, there are free versions, but they to get more details such as the volume of search traffic, you will need to pay and some of them can be quite pricey.

So if you just as a solo entrepreneur and you have your own business, and you’re watching what you’re spending your company or your cost on some of these tools, actually not necessarily because Google will tell you the information that you need to know.

But I just wanted to show you these two big guys. Keyword Tool is excellent to use. You could but at the end of the day, they actually use the information that Google gives them, which is effectively Google populate, but they just go one step further and give you search volumes. So winter skincare. And then you would choose the place in the language that you want to search in.

And here, they will show you different options, which is effectively Google populate, but on the paid version, you will then actually see how many people are searching for a particular term per month, and so on, you can also have a look at what questions people are asking related to these keywords. Okay, there’s much more here, but sometimes they really show you.

You can even search what YouTube is showing for winter skincare, and so on. But I use this a little bit, but I mainly use Google populate, to give me some very, very good ideas. And it will suggest basically follows the same structure up. That’s what I wanted to say, these keyword tools, and will suggest or give you an option to choose language and location. But Google pet populate looks like it does not but it actually does.

Now, if you are in the UK, I would go to a new incognito window. And make sure that you are searching Okay, so then Google will be showing you the information relating to searches in the UK. If you are in Spain, make sure that you are using Spanish Google. So they show you appropriate results of where your audience is SAT, sitting. And there you go, a very, very easy way to find out what you should be writing about in your blog topics.

So if I were you and you’re planning out your 12 months, blog, plan, make each month a theme. So for example, if you’re an aesthetic clinic, and we’re in winter, it will be all about your skin dealing with the winter problems for December, January, February, then once you start going into spring, then March April will be more about getting your skin ready for summer, and so on. So have themes over months, and then find what people are searching for relating to those themes.

I hope that has helped you out. There is no excuse now to not go ahead and plan out your blogs. Find out what people are searching for and get writing because, at the end of the day, content is queen. That’s all for today and I look forward to giving you some more value in upcoming videos. Bye for now.