Hi. So a question I’ve been asked recently by a client is, “Should I decrease the advertising budget that I’ve got going on, on Facebook during the second wave of COVID?” And so I’m going to address this in this really quick video. And I’m also going to give you a really simple and clear strategy that you can use by reducing the budget on advertising, but also gaining followers and potential clients.

So, I understand it’s completely worrying this time. And a lot of people are stressing about how it’s just surviving through this period, but I’ll tell you what I think. I think is you have to adapt, business is business and we’re going to be thrown curveballs all the time. This is an exceptional situation, but we need to actually sit down, be flexible, be open-minded, and adapt our strategies.

Now, I know a lot of people’s budgets have had to reduce because of this, which is a little bit counterintuitive, but I completely understand where that’s coming from.

So I want to give you four points that you can look at changing your strategy, so that you can get more potential clients, or when they are ready to buy from you. A lot of people are not ready to make big investments right now because of the uncertainty. So instead of running full-blown Facebook ad campaigns, selling to them, take a little bit of a step back and approach it a different way.

Number one, creating valuable, valuable content for your followers, for your future clients, through blogs, through videos, through live videos. Find out what they’re actually needing and what are they interested in and what will make their decision to choose you as opposed to somebody else. What information can you give them that will take them and their mind frame from where they are to the point that they want to actually buy your services or your products. That’s number one. Create the content, then post it on your website.

Number two, instead of running Facebook ad campaigns, as I said previously, just have a small budget for boosting those posts that you’re going to be sharing on Facebook. So Facebook’s algorithm is geared towards advertising. That’s how they make their money.

So when you post your blog posts onto your Facebook page, about 5% of your followers will see it and that’s very very small. So you will need to allocate some money towards boosting those posts to your potential audience, and you can actually set the criteria of who you want those posts to, or who should see those posts.

Number three, on those blog posts, please make sure that you have some sort of opt-in. Be it they need to sign up to download a cheat sheet, a checklist, a free mini-course. Anything that will capture their data and you give them something in return that’s valuable.

So no blog post should be going out there without that. Because you’re going to be getting traffic to those posts and if they read it, great and if you don’t tell them what to do next, they will leave. Okay? So you need to get their details so that you can start engaging with them. And that leads me on to number four.

Number four is, once you have their email details and they’re on your email list, you can start nurturing them with a nurture email sequence, and then keep updating them with your new blog post, your new videos, creating connections with them, answering any questions they may have, any doubts, show them your testimonials, your case studies. Get a dialogue going with them and also pitch them your services.

So it’s a very simple, and cost-effective strategy, but it really works. And you should be doing this anyway, but especially now when people are not potentially looking to do the big purchases, but if you are building your list and your following nicely now, then when things calm down a little bit more, they will be looking at you and contracting your services and buying your products as opposed to somebody else.

There’s a lot less competition, although is a lot of competition in your email inbox, there’s a lot less than on social media google, all of these things. So it’s a lot better to connect with them there. So just to recap, you’re going to focus on creating valuable and quality content for your potential clients.

You’re going to boost those posts on your Facebook page and set the criteria to those potential clients. Number three, you’re going to make sure you’re going to have some sort of opt-in with a lead magnet so that you can capture their email address, make sure it’s valuable to them. I mean, it’s useless if it’s just anything that you throw out there, you need to really think about it.

And number four is, nurture those emails. So once a week, once every two weeks minimum, you’re going to need to be communicating with them with new blog posts or videos, you’re going to be sharing with them via their email.

Okay. I hope this helps you and makes you relax a little bit, that you don’t have to be throwing so much money at advertising, and you can focus on these efforts to get more of a following and clients. All right, bye for now.