Social Media, specifically Facebook, can take up so much time that could instead be used on being productive. Due to its’ nature, when I used to log onto Facebook, I would find myself scrolling and scrolling, and before I knew it – an hour and a half has gone by! 

I tried avoiding the problem by not logging onto Facebook at all, but that proved to be difficult because I have to go into Facebook regularly to run my Facebook ads. I use the ad centre, and I also use the pages that I manage. I have minimal hours to work on my business because I have two small children; I’m limited to working in the mornings only. 

When I do sit down to work, I have to stay focused so I can get things done without distractions (like the Facebook newsfeed). So I started researching and discovered a hack that I now use, which has saved me so much valuable time! So without further ado, let me tell you how it works.

The Hack

I found an extension on Chrome that eliminates the newsfeed on Facebook. You can use it for most of your social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Reddit – (I’m not sure what Reddit is, but the extension works for it too!) 

It looks like this:

How to Install it

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to set it up 

  1. You simply need to search for News Feed Eradicator for Facebook
  2. Once you have found it, you’ll click on add to Chrome
  3. Next, grant the permissions to install the extension and select which sites you would like to enable it for because it’s not just for Facebook. 
  4. Then, select Facebook. It will ask you again to allow these permissions, so allow them.

Note:  I have it enabled permanently, but you can also choose to limit your newsfeed instead of completely removing it. Perhaps you want to allow it for 10-30 minutes a day, and then you want it to disable your newsfeed when your time is up – you can select that option too!

Your news feed will now be replaced with a cute little quote – it won’t distract you for hours, don’t worry – and you’ll get so much more done!

Being distracted for hours on end is a serious global issue, so I really recommend trying this extension out if you can relate to this. I hope it works for you, and I would love to hear what you think of it!

If you liked this blog post, I have loads more coming up!

Until next time,