If you run your own small business, it’s quite possible that the topic of this blog is already a pain point for you. You got off to a great start, quickly attracting new clients through recommendations and word of mouth and the future was looking bright. But when you decided to step it up a gear and leverage your website to drive increased business…..nothing happened. The website that you thought showcased your business perfectly is bringing in nothing – no phone calls, email queries – and your morale is lowering by the day.

Frustrating as this undoubtedly is, don’t despair! There are actually a couple of things – three, in fact – that you can do that have the potential to make a real difference to the ability of your website to capture new clients. Let’s walk through each of them:

1. Be crystal clear who your ideal client is

This feels like such an obvious message but it’s one that so many small business owners too often overlook. Sure, you want to maximize your chances of getting business and therefore have created a website and content to appeal to as many potential customers as possible. 

Conversely, this is usually the least likely way to appeal to your ideal client!

It’s absolutely critical to define your ideal client in order to engage with them and have them trust and relate to you enough to want to buy from you. 

Spend some time thinking deeply about who your ideal client is right down to the detail. What are their dreams, what are they struggling with, what does their everyday life look like? Give them a name so that when you are writing your website or social media content, you know who you are talking to and you feel like you are building a relationship with them. 

That makes it so much easier for you (and them) to see how your products or services could actually make a difference to their day to day lives. And to create content to appeal directly to them and encourage them to work with you or buy from you.

2. Your website should be beautiful but, more than that, it should be effective

An eye-catching and attractive website, full of information about your brand and product/service, is important. But it absolutely must be effective at producing quality leads and clients for your business too. There are several different elements that your website needs to have in order to do this well. I have created a course of five bite-sized and super-actionable parts for you to work through and create a website that will draw in new clients and leads. Check it out here

The course will show you how to make your website set up so that it guides visitors to take action – whether it is signing up to your mailing list, downloading a lead magnet (more on this later), fill out a contact form – whatever it takes to encourage that initial contact with you.

3. Harness the power of a lead magnet

I highly recommend that every single website has at least one lead magnet as they are such a potentially powerful way of introducing your services and building a relationship with new clients.

What is a lead magnet? It is a piece of information that is very actionable and a quick win for your website visitor that they can implement to solve an immediate problem that they might have. You could use a quick cheat sheet checklist, quiz, short video – whatever medium you think would work best to attract your ideal client. 

But the beauty of the lead magnet is that, in return for downloading it, your website visitor will give you their email address, meaning that you can communicate with them via email in so many ways, from introducing yourself and your services to sending them blog posts or offers. 

Lead magnets are such an effective way of starting and maintaining a dialogue with an audience that is already interested in what you offer because they’ve already had a fruitful experience with you.

I hope you found these three tips useful and relevant to your business. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow my Facebook page if you would like to receive regular updates and inspiration from me about how to grow your business online.