As a yoga or wellness retreat host should you have a dedicated retreat website or is a retreat sales page that sits on your main website enough?

This is one of the questions that came up when I was sharing tips to increase your retreat sales page bookings.

Let’s discuss what they are, the pros and cons of each and when you should use them.

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A full retreat website

This is a website dedicated to your retreat business.

It generally would have a Home page, about page, sales pages for your retreats, pages about the location, accommodation, food, testimonials, blog and a contact page.

The only thing you are promoting is your retreats.



  1. You have a lot of space to really promote your retreat experiences
  2. There is no conflict with other offers that could potentially distract your visitors
  3. It creates authority and trust because you showcase that this is what you specialise in



  1. More content to flesh out to create the necessary pages.  There is a lot more work that goes into writing, designing and building a website
  2. If you have another website for your yoga, coaching or wellness business then having 2 websites is much more work to manage and keep up to date.


Who is this best suited for:

A retreat dedicated website is best suited for those who just focus on running retreats as a business such as:

Retreat centres, planners and hosts who runs many retreats a year


A retreat sales page

This is a one page that promotes your retreat.  It can sit on your main website as an additional offer.

You would condense the information about the retreat experience, facilities, food, location and accommodation onto one page.  The retreat sits alongside your other offers such as yoga classes, workshops, coaching sessions, services and so on.



1.Can be added on to your existing website

2.All of the information about the retreat is on one page making it easier for the visitor to digest the information instead of navigating around a whole website to gather the info

3.Less work to get it written, designed and programmed because it is just one page.



1.Other offers on your website can compete for attention.  Somebody will arrive on your website and get distracted by all of the shiny offers and not take action.

2.It can be challenging condensing all of the information on the page that drive enquiries and bookings


Who is this best suited for:

A stand alone retreat sales page is best suited for those who offer retreats alongside their other offers.  For example, yoga teachers, coaches, wellness professionals who run retreats just a few times per year.  It is not the main part of their business.

But what about listing your retreat on third party directories?  If you feel you want to go that route I recommend you watch the Pros and Cons of Retreat Directories video, linked above.  This is yet another option that could work for you.

I hope this gave you some clarity as to which option would suit you best. And if you should be creating a whole retreat website or just a stand alone retreat sales page.