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Question: Do you have a digital marketing strategy in place for 2020?

Most would say no, I don’t know where to start, I don’t have the time…or yes I do but I am not sure how to implement it!

First of all let’s discuss what is a digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is a plan of action you draw up that you implement to get you closer to your goal of generating more leads and sales for your small business.  The actions are focused on using different online marketing channels such as online advertising, social media, even your website.

Why is it important for small businesses? 

Big and medium businesses have digital marketing strategies that fit in with their overall business goals.  But small businesses should also have one in place.

Having a digital marketing strategy, allows you to focus, have a clear direction and list of actions that move your business from A to B.

It also gives you a reference point of where you started before you implemented the actions so you can measure the success or learning curves as you progress.

A digital marketing strategy saves you time! 

Yes yes it is “time consuming” to actually research and draw up your strategy and actions but over the course of the months and year, it actually saves time and ultimately helps you grow yout business!

Shouldn’t you schedule a couple of hours in your day to create a digital marketing strategy if it saves you 10x more wasted time and money throughout the year?

What should you focus on in 2020?

Don’t worry the usual marketing strategies you have relied on until now are still useful and will continue to be in 2020.

These are content marketing, email, social media, and even paid advertising.


In 2020 you should look at embracing videos in your marketing if you are not already doing to.  Videos bring your business and brand to life. You create a deeper connection with your target market and is quick to do.  You don’t need fancy equipment and they don’t need to be very long. I try to keep mine down to 5-10 minutes maximum since people like to have easy and bite sized pieces of information.

Direct messaging

Take advantage of direct messaging channels such as Facebook messenger, install a chat functionality on your website.  This is a great way to connect with your audience in real time and chat to them. Again growing your personal connections.

2020 is about creating and deepening your connections with your audience.  Be personal, show your human side…don’t hide behind your business. In a day and age where we disappear behind smartphones and computers, the human element is what we crave.  Someone would always choose to buy from someone who they feel more connected to.

Remember this when you are trying to decide how you should promote your small business online.

To get you started or if you would like to review your digital marketing strategy I have created a free guide for you to download – 10 Digital Marketing Strategies To Rapidly Grow Your Small Business

The link is mentioned at the beginning of this post.

See you next time!