Are Google Ads Worth It For Your Business?


You have probably heard by now that Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) is one of the biggest Pay Per Click networks available. It is used by the really big companies that have thousands if not millions of budget but also many local small businesses use it effectively as well.

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If you are just starting out or thinking about using Google Ads for your business, you are probably asking yourself “is Google Ads worth it?”.

The answer: It depends but, in most cases, YES!

Let’s explore what makes Google Ads so powerful and how you can benefit from having it as part of your advertising strategy and in which case it would not be worth it.


1. Google Ads Gives You Quick Results


google ads gives your quick results


When you use Google Ads, the results are pretty much instant. Once you have spent the time setting up the campaign, it is approved, and you go live you can start receiving traffic within minutes.

Because you are showing your ad to searchers who then click on the ad and visit your site, you reach users you might not have reached in the past. These could potentially contact you (a lead) or buy something on your site.

If you compare it to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) it can take months to really start seeing results. So, whilst you are working on your SEO tasks such as content creation via blogs, videos etc… you can start showing your ads to your potential clients and get results quicker.


2. Google Ads Has Nearly Infinite Potential


unlimited potential with google ads


You can start off small with both the number of keywords you are bidding on, audiences as well as budget.

There are millions of keywords available to bid on and every day there are new ones. Once you go live with a campaign with a set list of keywords, you can keep adding new ones to increase your traffic.

Then, once you have a profitable Google Ads campaign, you can increase your maximum daily limit to increase the number of clicks and traffic.


3. Google Ads Has Amazing Analytics Data


analytics data for google ads


Google gives you so much data, you can use this information to see how your campaigns are performing and if Google Ads recommends you make any changes. You can see information about the average cost per click, advert position, conversion rate and quality score and so much more.

With this data and analytics readily available, you can then make informed decisions as to where is the best place to spend your money and if it is worth it for your business. For example, if you have a very high converting keyword, then it would be advisable to increase your spend for that particular keyword.


4. Stop Running Your Google Ads Campaigns At Any Time


flexibility with google ads


The great thing about Google Ads, is that if you find your campaign is not giving you the results you want, you can stop it at any time. You are not locked in for months, forced to carry on with your campaigns. There are no contracts or fixed terms.
If you sign up for an SEO 6 month contract and don’t see results after 3 months, you will still need to keep paying until your contract is up. This can be a big waste of money.

Google Ads gives you the flexibility and ability to control your finances.


5. Beat Your Competition With Google Ads


beat the competition with google ads


We don’t operate in a bubble. There are always competitors no matter what industry you are in and they are constantly trying to steal your traffic.

Google Ads gives you a not so secret weapon to give you an advantage. If your competition is focusing heavily on SEO to get to position 1 on Google, then you can easily jump in front of them using Google Ads.

If your competitors are already using Google Ads you can out bid them with a bigger budget, more persuasive ads or better campaign in general. By outbidding your competitors, you can essentially steal their traffic and direct them to your website.


Is Google Ads Worth The Money?


The benefits all sound great but at the end of the day, it depends on two factors.

Firstly, there is what you pay for having the ad on Google.  It is pretty simple…you pay per click – this means you pay ONLY when people click on your ads.  You are constantly bidding against other advertisers in the Google auction.

Secondly, it depends on what happens after the user clicks on the ad.  When they land on your website and they then convert (turn into a lead or a sale) and if that conversion is worth more at the end of the process (including all costs) then absolutely, advertising on Google is worth it.

If it costs you more than you are making, then it is simply not worth the money.

But how do you know if you haven’t tried it before?

Take the risk and try it…because if you don’t you could be missing out on sales, leads and hindering the growth and success of your business.


are google ads worth it for your business