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I have been doing research the last couple of weeks and have posted surveys in women business groups.

The main struggle that all have in common is lack of time.  So I wanted to address this and tell you what I do to save time and be more productive in my business.

1 – Use a project management tool called Asana 

There is a free and paid version.

It is effectively tool I use every single day all day to list my tasks, order them by due date and keeps me focused on what I have to do every day.

I used to do handwritten lists every day but found myself slacking and losing the lists so I looked for an electronic format since I am on my computer most of the time for work.

There are other tools out there but I found Asana suited my needs and can recommend it.

2 – Schedule time to be on social media

Being on social media can really suck time out of your day.  You start doing one thing, and then the next time you look at your clock hours have gone by.

I am open to say that there is an element of addiction being on social media so I have had to be strict with myself so that I can be more focused and productive on my business and more present in my life.

I try not to look at my phone upon waking.

When I get into my “office” – although at home I login to my social media accounts on my computer, not my phone and set a timer for 30 minutes to be present in social media groups, see what my friends and family are doing etc…

Then once the half hour is up I close the tab completely and get on with the tasks I need to do for the day.

At the end of my work day I spend another 30 minutes on social media to catch up on conversations I had in the morning.

Lastly, I do NOT take my phone into the bedroom.  It sits in the lounge on charge.

This is a good day, of course, not all days are like this but I try not to be too hard on myself and start the next day with a good intention again.

3 – Batch creative tasks

This is a new tactic I am using to try and stay ahead of content generation and social media.  Instead of posting or recording a video when I have time (which is NEVER), I schedule time in batches.

For example, the videos I am creating for social media which I post once a week, I record in 1 day (8 videos for 60 days).  I then send them all for transcription.

When I receive them back I schedule another Batch day of editing the transcriptions and converting them into blogs and posting and lastly, a batch day for creating the posts and mailshots that go with the videos.

I lastly then schedule the posts and emails to go out once a week.

This way I only work on my videos, blogs, posts and mailshots every 2 months!

I am trying really hard to do this for 2020 so I can ensure I am sharing content, helping you in your business and grow my list and business.

These are my top 3 tips to save time in business.

  1. Use a project management system like Asana
  2. Schedule time to be on social media
  3. Batch create your content, social media posts and mailshots

I have created a cheatsheet for you to download – Time Saving Tips For Small Businesses , print and stick on your wall so you can also save time!

Bye for now!