Hi, I’m Tiffany K. Borruso

Your Digital Marketing Partner

I am a mum and lady nerd with over 7 years of digital marketing and online advertising experience as well as owning my own small business at 23 years of age.

I love helping, supporting, and seeing fellow women entrepreneurs succeed!

I am passionate about all things online.
I am proud to be a nerd, am Google Ads and Analytics certified and absolutely love anything in the digital marketing world.

You will find me scouring the internet for the latest trends and movements in the digital world even on weekends. A pet lover with a big heart and always willing to help!
But don’t give me coffee…I will quite literally bounce off the walls!


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Why I help women entrepreneurs

Helping and empowering women entrepreneurs is very close to my heart.
I experienced resistance because of being a woman in business on buying trips, bank meetings, and negotiations. I really had to elbow my way through to make myself heard.

I want to see women succeed!

Bringing simplicity into promoting your business online.


I was in the same boat as you a few years ago. I was a young entrepreneur starting my own business but I had NO IDEA where to start in terms of promoting my business online. I had heard about SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and digital marketing but I was intimidated and lost as to where to start.

I began reading and absorbing everything I could get my eager hands on. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent devouring every blog, article, video there was on the topic. I became overwhelmed by the information overload! But I persevered! and with testing the theories out on my business, I started seeing results. My business went from zero online sales to generating over 500K in the first year!

I had discovered digital marketing and I was mesmerized.

That’s when one of my customers, a big fan of my business, asked if it was for sale. I didn’t hesitate and within a couple of months, I was off on a new adventure. I joined a marketing agency in Spain and spent the next 4 years absorbing everything I could. I managed digital marketing campaigns to drive leads for clients in the health and wellness, events, retreats, real estate, food and beverage, and consulting industries.

With the amazing experiences and knowledge I learned along the way and the birth of my son, I decided it was time to quit the 9-5 job. In 2016 I went solo again to help fellow women entrepreneurs leverage digital marketing, grow their businesses, and succeed.

Digital marketing has put unbelievable power into the hands of business owners, making it possible for even the smallest niche businesses to reach new customers. Today, the tools are in your hands.

Tiffany is a thorough professional and great to work with. I love the fact that she totally customises her coaching to best suit your needs. Not only is she an expert at google ads and analytics but is a well-rounded digital marketing coach and strategist. She also helped me trouble-shoot a couple of my client campaigns which I wouldn’t have been able to figure out on my own.

She is an amazing mentor and has a knack for simplifying complex things. I would recommend her 100% !!!

Megha Khosla

Founder & Creative Director, North Node Digital

I have had a positive experience working with Tiffany.  I have received many enquiries and bookings for our Luxury Yoga Retreats as well as a huge improvement in the overall look and functionality of our social media and website.  It’s been a huge change and relief!

Knowing that I have another woman with a similar attitude and work ethic as me and someone who understands my business and my feedback is invaluable.  Because of Tiffany’s understanding of my needs and business as well as her vast knowledge, she can translate my ideas into reality.  She comes up with great suggestions and with her magic touch, we now look more polished and professional online.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Tiffany…1000 percent!!

Trinidad Gomez

Owner & Managing Director, LuxurYoga Retreats

Tiffany is a talented professional that always takes the time to support anyone in her team also having a great knowledge for Google Adwords, Analytics and SEO as well as fantastic managerial skills in a very busy environment.

Curtis Hare

Head Designer & Owner, Web Phizix

I know Tiffany as a very professional, bright and honest person where mainly her knowledge in the field of online marketing, educational skills and verbal capabilities stand out. Her help has been very meaningful both for my personal career as well as the project we worked on.

Pieter-Paul Ploeg

International Business Developer, Van Ameyde International

Lauren Quinn

Bromelia Rio – A Brazil Specialist Travel & Tour Agency

Stephanie Linder

Lost in Linderland – Travel Blogger

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