Learn From A Top Retreat Marketing Specialist, Tiffany K. Borruso



4 Simple Steps To Double Your Website Retreat Bookings

Stop paying high commissions to retreat listing sites and get more direct bookings from your own website.

Meet Your Host…

Hola! I’m Tiffany

I’m a marketing strategist and tech expert helping retreat leaders get more enquiries and bookings and truly create a successful, sustainable business.

I’ve spoken to many retreat leaders in my marketing career and as a frequent retreat goer myself, it broke my heart to see them barely being able to fill their retreats.

I could see and feel how their stress and overwhelm engulfed the retreat experience.

They all had one thing in common…they were trusting people would magically appear for their retreats.

Although it is a lovely belief, the reality is very different.

Without online marketing skills you will be left behind and it will be a struggle to get your retreat in front of the people who need it the most.

As an online marketing strategy and tech specialist, I’ve made it my mission to assist retreat business owners in learning the skills they need to launch and grow a retreat business with confidence.

Disclaimer: This training is entirely free and you will be given actionable steps to increase your website retreat bookings.  Results are not guaranteed or typical.  In fact, a lot of hard work involved.  At the end of the presentation, a programme will be offered for purchase that will help transform your retreat marketing results.