Up until now, we have talked about what you can accomplish with Google Ads.
Today we are going to rewind and start from the beginning…let me show you how to set up your Google Ads account the right way.


Setting up your Google Ads Account

Google makes it really EASY to sign up for a new Google Ads account.  Sign up here ads.google.com

Follow the steps in the video above and you will create your very first account quickly!


But be careful!  Make sure you consider these 2 important points when registering your account:

Email address for your account – use an email address connected with your business instead of your own personal account.  Also be aware that you can only use one email address as the primary contact on one account at a time.

Do NOT use “Ads Express” – because it oversimplifies the setup process and so conveniently leaves out the best options for achieving strong ROI (Return On Investment).  Use the regular Google Ads setup.


After registering, Google Ads will throw you right into setting up your first campaign.  “HELP!!! I am not ready!” you will say…and I agree!  Click on “switch to expert mode” to avoid this.


Well done! You have now created your Google Ads account…congratulations!

Next, we will be looking at the Google Ads interface.

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