To run profitable Google Ads campaigns, you need to manage and analyse them efficiently.  Using tools can really help you have that advantage…If you know the right ones to use!

There are so many out there that it can become confusing as to which ones will help you and which ones will waste your valuable time.

In this lesson, I want to share with you the ones I ALWAYS use.


Tools of the trade

With the many free and paid tools available to you, you will probably get so confused as to which ones will make your life easier and which ones will just complicate it further.

This is exactly what I went through when I was first started out as a Google Ads professional.

I wasted hundreds (ok…a slight exaggeration but it sure felt like it) of hours googling which tools to use to see what the competitors were doing, what would save me time uploading thousands of keywords, hundreds of ads etc…

When you are in the beginning stages of setting up a campaign, you spend about 70% of your time researching and the rest of your time is spent setting up the campaign.

This research phase is essential if you want to set up a successful campaign.  Any tool that helps you be more efficient and that gives you more information so you can make the right decisions is invaluable…right?


Competitor Analysis Tools

SEMRush – Free with limitations and pro paid version – a powerful competitor analysis tool.  You can see what your competitors are doing in terms of Google Ads, what their online advertising spend is, SEO, keywords, ranking, backlinks and more.

SpyFu – Free with limitations and pro paid version – similar to SEMrush, it is a one-stop tool that allows you to easily analyse what your competitors are doing online when it comes to online advertising and SEO.


Please bear in mind the data that these tools give you are estimates and not 100% accurate.  You will often find one tool says one thing and the other says something different.  This is normal since your competitors do not just submit their information directly to them…that would be crazy!  😀

Their intelligent software dig deep to “spy” on them…don’t worry this is completely legal and is used by the majority of online advertisers.


What do I use?

Both!  because the data they deliver are only estimated I use more than one tool, so I can create a clearer picture of what the competitors are doing.

You don’t need a third party tool to do everything.

Out of the generosity of their AI heart, Google provides advertisers with several tools that help you understand the effectiveness of your advertising and to make changes to your account.


The one I absolutely LOVE the most is the Google Ads Editor!

Looking to be efficient when uploading campaigns and save time?  Google Ads Editor is THE tool.
It acts as the central nervous system to your Google Ads advertising ecosystem.

It is a separate software you download for free that is connected to your Ads account.


What are the benefits I hear you ask?

  • It is lightning fast compared to the normal Google Ads interface.
  • Super fast search – a blessing when you have thousands of keywords to search through
  • You can drag and drop and copy and paste making it super easy to rearrange your account and make changes in bulk.
  • You can work offline…from creating entire account structure, writing ads, uploading keywords…you can do it all on the Google Ads Editor.  When you are ready to go live you simply connect to the internet and upload the campaigns to your account.

Google Ads Editor is a free tool that I highly recommend you download today.

Download Google Ads Editor.


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