Today we are going to jump right into the Google Ads Optimisation Cycle.  This is the workflow you should be using when managing Google Ads accounts.

Where do you start with a Google Ads campaign?


1.  Begin creating your keyword list

This is a list of possible keywords people use to search on Google.  A lot of people think that Google Ads is mainly based on data and statistics…I want to tell you that this is NOT true.  Psychology and the ability to put yourself in the searchers’ shoes is as important if not more so than numbers.
When writing your keyword list, think about what terms your searchers would use. Then use a great tool like Übersuggest to show you similar search terms that people are using on Google.



2. Ads

This is the link between when someone searches and your website/landing page.

This is your chance to draw people to your site.  What makes your ad stand out from the rest so they choose your ad to click on as opposed to a competitor’s ad?  You need to look at click through rates (CTR) to see if your ads are performing well or not.


3. Conversions

Any action on your website that earns you money.  It can be a direct sale (such as on an ecommerce site) or a lead (an enquiry through a form or email) who you need to contact back.  If you are focused on branding, however, then you would look at impressions instead of conversions as a measurement of success.


4. Monitor Results

It is important to monitor the results of your campaigns.  This covers regularly checking your website, statistics, ads, keywords, conversions, impressions, quality scores and bounce rates.  This is where you will find if something is off and not running at optimal level. 


5. Implement Changes To Improve

Based on the results you have been monitoring in the previous step, you can then take action so you can improve on your results.  This could involve actions such as pausing keywords, adjusting bids and writing new ads.
You would make adjustments to the account and start the cycle all over again using the feedback and data continually coming in from the campaigns.

You are going against some tough competitors and Google wants you to spend more…you NEED to follow the adjustment cycle so you can continually improve and get the results you want.

Link to Übersuggest by Neil Patel – Free –


P.S. if you are already managing your own AdWords account or a client’s account, you want to make sure you are getting the absolute best results you possibly can.  I created a quick & easy Google Ads account audit guide with free pdf checklist for you to follow.  It will help you see where you are succeeding and what needs some work.  Click here to view the article.


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