Thanks so much for connecting and showing interest in mastering Google Ads.  In this mini-course I will be sharing loads of Google Ads knowledge.

Before we start with the first lesson, I will share a little background on why I created this free course.

I started playing around in paid search in 2013.  I had heard of Google Ads (AdWords up until June 2018) but had no knowledge of what it was and how to use it.

I spent endless hours reading, learning and trying out different techniques.  After producing tremendous results for my clients, I started thinking about becoming Google certified.

From there, I just became obsessed…it’s a thrill logging in in the morning and seeing the sales and leads come in from the campaigns I set up.

I made it my mission to become Google certified.  The stamp of approval from Google to say that I had the knowledge and skills to manage Google Ads accounts.

You need skills to get results in paid advertising

Google Ads makes it look soooo easy to do it yourself…but if you do not have the skills, you can get a nasty bill from Google at the end of the month and no leads or sales to show for it.

What separates the amateurs from the professionals? Technique! While Google has made advertising a science, getting great results is an art form.

Before you start any campaign, you need a strategy, a plan and goals.  Without this, you will not succeed with Google Ads. You need to continually monitor, tweak and optimise this strategy.  You have keywords, ads, campaigns, metrics and more.  And you need to tweak them to get the best possible results.

The more you manage your campaigns, the better results you get.

Think of it as growing your own vegetables

You want to plant the seeds and harvest your produce, don’t you?  But to get to the point of plucking that vegetable, you need to put in the groundwork.

You need seeds (keywords) to get started, and earth to provide the nutrients (ads).

If you water your plants consistently and give them love, (manage your Ads account)  you will see them grow and get great results.

However, if you neglect your plants, they will probably die.

Advertising with Google works the same way.


We all start somewhere

Master advertisers have to start from somewhere, right?

From a career point of view, Google Ads is so new with only a handful of people actually having more than 5 years experience in this field.

It can take years to figure out how Google Ads works with lots of trial and error along the way.

I created this mini course to reduce the amount of time and money you could potentially waste.  It is an introduction to Google Ads so you can get an overview of how it works and with the end purpose of becoming more comfortable with it as a powerful advertising platform.

Keep an eye out for lesson 1 arriving in your inbox tomorrow…and enjoy this free bonus!


BONUS: Free Download of Google’s 2016 Financial Statements

It is important not to just understand what you can do with Google Ads today but also to understand where things are going in the future. Google has grown into the leaders in paid search advertising.

Check out this report on Google’s 2016 Earnings Data (PDF).

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