Online Marketing Makeover Results in Increased Leads, Sales & Success

Online Marketing Makeover Results in Increased Leads, Sales & Success

The time: Early 2020, right as the world is about to shift in the wake of COVID-19.

The Company: Serina Trading of Cape Town, South Africa: A women-owned and managed distributor of industrial chemicals, founded in 2007.

The Problem: A low volume of leads, an outdated and underperforming website, and a vacuum attending to the social media profiles of the company.

The Solution: A complete website overhaul, conception, and design of lead magnets to attract consistent new leads, clever and targeted repurposing of the content written by the companies founder and owner, and continued strategy and execution of social media content and Facebook ads.

The result:  A 70% increase in leads and a meaningful increase in sales, and counting!

Jenny Jay founded Serina Trading because she knew her potential customers were lacking access to certain chemicals they required, and she has made excellent customer service the overarching value of her company from day one. When Jenny hires people to help her, she seeks the same level of commitment to excellence, and she states with certainty that this is just what she’s found with Tiffany K. Borruso who does all of Serina Trading’s digital marketing.

“We’re very happy with what Tiffany’s done. I really believe it’s essential in this day and age to invest in someone with her skills and knowledge – of which she has both in great abundance. Otherwise, you’ll get left behind.”

Serina Trading had a vacuum in early 2020 when they lost the woman who had managed their social media for them.  They had an acute need for someone to manage their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and to run their email marketing, and they turned to Tiffany K. Borruso to fill the gap. Fill it is exactly what Tiffany did, and much more.

“Tiffany has come in and taken on all of our digital marketing and has done a fantastic job for us. Right away we noticed many people downloading the lead magnet she created- which is basically a recipe for paint, if you will, and this gives us the opportunity to bid to sell clients the chemicals that go into our paint formula. From the beginning, we had 30 people a day downloading it… I was very impressed.”




At the beginning of their work together, Tiffany explained to Jenny that Serina Trading couldn’t begin any new marketing efforts until she helped them update their website to make it conversion-oriented. This meant not only did Tiffany make the site’s design more visually appealing and simpler to navigate, but she simplified and clarified the company’s main message and products, and added “Call-to-Action” buttons in the right places. Once that was done, she created a lead magnet, the first of rotating lead magnets that she continues to create, whose purpose is to attract continuous leads.

Next, Tiffany suggested they begin trying ads. They experimented, as Tiffany knows there is no one formula that works for every company, and so she guided them to find what would work best for their company. “This turned out to be Facebook ads, which was surprising. I didn’t realize my customers would be there looking!” says Jenny

Jenny is careful to emphasize that hers is a business that sells to large companies rather than ‘the man-on-the-street’, and they distribute only within South Africa. She knows that leads, and ultimately sales, take time, so she was genuinely pleasantly surprised when within two months she began to see a meaningful new pipeline of leads coming in.

Jenny says she couldn’t be happier with the results she has had since working with Tiffany K. Borruso and sees the company’s expanded reach- up to 200 new leads per month– as directly related to Tiffany’s work. In addition, more customers and big names in the paint industry in South Africa are taking note of Serina Trading as a possible supplier, and after just six months of beginning their work with Tiffany, they are now negotiating with several large potential clients.

“I definitely see Tiffany as an essential member of our team. A real partner in our marketing efforts. She is highly knowledgeable, creative, smart, easy to work with, and results-driven.”

– Jenny

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Case Study: How LuxurYoga Retreats is Succeeding with Google Ads

Case Study: How LuxurYoga Retreats is Succeeding with Google Ads


Using The Power Of Google Ads To Sell Out A Yoga Retreat Within 1 Month


The Client


LuxurYoga runs all-inclusive Mediterranean yoga retreats in an exclusive villa in Alicante, Spain. As well as many outdoor and indoor yoga spaces, their exclusive villa has a spa, gym, swimming pool and tennis court, as well as many other amenities.

There is no other business like them in Spain. Their aim is to be inclusive so their guests can spend more time relaxing and less time worrying.

LuxurYoga provides all equipment on site, from yoga mats and water bottles to towels. They also include two organic, vegan based meals and snacks throughout the day, as well as water, juices and teas.

The aim is to provide you with the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice while relaxing in a hassle-free, beautiful environment.



What LuxurYoga Retreats needed


Trinidad from LuxurYoga came to me needing urgent help. She needed to fill up her luxury yoga retreats in July, August and September. So far, she had been going at it alone. She was a solo entrepreneur in need of a dedicated digital marketer and “partner in crime”.

I myself, being a fellow yogi and digital marketer couldn’t wait to help her fill her retreats with bookings.


Unfortunately, she had been working together with another “agency” for a month and had received no bookings whatsoever. As it was already the end of June, urgency was an understatement.


On my initial discovery call with Trinidad, I had to investigate further to discover where exactly things were going wrong. Upon a quick look into how her campaigns were performing I was saddened, shocked and a little mad to see such a poorly constructed account.

I was no longer surprised that there had been no bookings for her luxury yoga retreats – the picture was becoming clearer, as was the cause of  Trinidad’s unsuccessful marketing efforts.


Trinidad was wasting her money on keywords that were not targeting the right market – her ideal market. It was a big call to make, but I advised her right then and there to stop running all the campaigns. Although it was so close to her yoga retreats, this was the only way I could see to minimise the waste in expenditure.



We had an instant connection. We were both looking forward to working together to fill her luxury, all-inclusive yoga retreats with bookings. I genuinely felt I could help her but we needed to move fast so we could get the bookings in for the summer season.



What did LuxurYoga Retreats sign up for?


I became LuxurYoga’s digital marketing consultant and manager.

I took on the responsibility for the implementation of the agreed digital marketing strategy which included the following:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design

And much more.


Aside from the digital marketing deliverables, I was able to help Trinidad with:

  • Peace of mind that she did not need to navigate the ever-changing environment of online marketing with new algorithms, interfaces and trends.
  • Less stress as she felt confident that I was part of her team with her business’ best intentions at heart.
  • Being her advocate by recommending and implementing the best strategies that brought in the results needed.
  • Confidence that she could focus her attention on running her business.
  • Being a colleague to discuss and bounce ideas off. Trinidad no longer had to work in isolation. This helped her become clearer about her vision, direction for her business and reignited the fire within you once again to drive her business to success!

Sometimes the abstract and intangible benefits you get from working with someone are the biggest benefits.


The Solution


The first step with any successful marketing campaign is good, solid research.

I researched Trinidad’s target market as well as her competitors to see what they were doing and how we needed to compete. I also researched relevant keywords for Trinidad’s industry and market for the Google Ads campaign.

The next step was to set up the Google Search campaign including the ad copy. We had a goal in mind so we set this up in Google Analytics and were also able to track conversions this time!

Once the ads were live, I continually split test the ads so we were able to fine tune them for the best conversions. We also optimized her website for increased conversions.




Trinidad now has a fully optimised campaign that was targeting the right market.

Here is the Google Analytics data showing the traffic, clicks and conversions of the Google Search Campaign for the month of July 2018:


Yoga Retreats Google Analytics Data


This resulted in sold out the 2 yoga retreats in August, just one month after the campaign went live.


“I have had a positive experience working with Tiffany.  I have received many enquiries and bookings for our Luxury Yoga Retreats as well as a huge improvement in the overall look and functionality of our social media and website.  It’s been a huge change and relief!


Knowing that I have another woman with a similar attitude and work ethic as me and someone who understands my business and my feedback is invaluable.  Because of Tiffany’s in dein-depthrstanding of my needs and business as well as her vast knowledge, she can translate my ideas into reality.  She comes up with great suggestions and with her magic touch, we now look more polished and professional online.

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Tiffany…1000 percent!!”

M. Trinidad Gomez – Owner & Managing Director – LuxurYoga Retreats


It’s safe to say that Trinidad is over the moon with these results.


If you’re experiencing similar issues to Trinidad within your business, let’s connect and see what we can do create a personalized marketing strategy for your business.


how to sell out your yoga retreat using google ads